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The safety operation procedures of asphalt mixing plant

Before the start of check

1: Check whether gear oil and air compressor oil is filled or not and whether its leak or not.
2: Using a blowtorch baked asphalt metering hopper
3: Check the temperature of heat conduction oil and asphalt.
4: Check the shaker and other major components whether loose screws.
5: Ensure the transmission belt, chain, etc. are normal, no loose.
Start mixing machine
1:All parts of asphalt concrete mixing plant unit should start step by step
2:After start-up, operation conditions and an instrument of parts should be normal, the pressure of the oil, gas, water should comply with the requirements and we can start work.
3:Replace the cover should start before stirring barrels. Mechanical operation, it is forbidden to use hands and feet into the hopper or mixing barrel to be explored.
4:The mixer shall not stop when full load stirring, when power failure occurs, operator should immediately cut off the power and the lock switch box, cleaning the concrete in the mixing tank, and then remove the fault or wait for power recovery.

Asphalt plant

5:Asphalt concrete mixing station machinery shall not overload operation: should check the operation of the motor, when the abnormal sound or temperature is too high, the machine should be stopped immediately.
Down mixing machine
1:Before the machine is stopped, the machine should be unloaded, and then shut down all the switches and pipelines in sequence. All the cement in the pipe shall be transported out of the pipe, and no material shall be left in the tube.
2:Operator should clean the stirring barrel and rinse with water and rinse additive and supply system. Weighing system of the cutter holder, knife edge should be clean and clear, and shall ensure the accuracy of weighing.

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