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The Installation Guide of the Asphalt Mixing Plant

1.  Site Selection
(1)Principles Large asphalt mixing equipment covers a large area. Certain storage capacities are needed to store stacked stone. Therefore, the site should be close to the roadbed and set in the middle of the roadbed where the source of the water and electricity and the transportation of the raw materials and the finished materials are convenient.
(2)Natural condition of the site The environment of the site should be clean and dry. The terrain should be a little higher. The groundwater level should be a little lower. Selecting a site of good geological conditions will reduce the cost of the installation of the equipment and avoid the deformation of the equipment due to the sedimentation. The moisture content of the raw materials has a great influence on the production of the equipment. The higher the moisture content is, the more the material will be used. And also the production capacity will be lowered, which will increase the cost. Therefore, there should be a good drainage system around the equipment.

asphalt mixing plant

(1)Preparatory work before installing
① Draw the location plan before the arrival of all auxiliary and full set equipment to ensure a successful operation when installation.
②Installation site should comply with the requirements.
③Organize an experienced installation team to enter the construction site. Installation staffs are as follows: one organizer, two technicians (mechanical engineer, electrical engineer), four bench workers, two electricians, one electric welder, one manager, one elevator, four to six labors, two civil workers.
(2)The necessary tools
Crane, one set of jack with 5t, one rope with 30m, a piece of retractable ladder, one ZL50loader. Some common tools: crowbar, sledge, clippers, arm saw, grinding machine, wire crimpers, all kinds of wrenches, safety belt, level ruler.


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