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The Gradation Control of Mixture of Asphalt Mixing Plant

The gradation of mixture directly affects the performance of the road. If the gradation of mixture is unreasonable, then the road may appear larger or smaller interstice, permeable pavement and rut, which lowers the service life of the road and affects the engineering quality seriously. Therefore, the gradation control of mixture is one of the necessary skills of operator. The factors affecting the gradation mixture includes: the change of raw material particle size, the change of screen of asphalt mixing plant and the range of measurement error.

asphalt mixing plant

1. The size of raw material directly affects the gradation of the mixture. When the raw materials change, the operator should cooperate with the lab and adjust the production proportion.
2. The change of screen of asphalt mixing plant is an important factor affecting the gradation of the mixture. If the screen is blocked and the hot screen can not screen the mixture sufficiently, then the gradation will become small. If the screen is cracked or damaged, or the wear is too large, the gradation will become large.
3. The measurement error of the asphalt mixing plant also directly affects the gradation. If the range of measurement error is too large, it will make the deviation between the production proportion and the target proportion become larger. If the range of measurement error is too small, it will increase the measurement time, which will affect the normal work of the asphalt mixing plant.

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