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Some Requirements for the Manipulators of the Asphalt Mixing Plant

The manipulators should often check the whole measurement system of the asphalt mixing plant. They should check a series of issues, for example, whether the dosing scale is in full suspension, whether there is clamping stagnation, whether all of the work of weighing sensor is normal and sensitive. If there are any problems, the manipulators should solve it timely.
Next, the manipulators should accumulate rich experience and are able to foresee most of the mechanical failure, resolve them timely and eliminate the hidden failure. When there is a failure, the manipulator should judge accurately and eliminate it timely so that the machine can be operated normally. If the manipulators wants to do these well , they should also do the followings besides timely maintenance.

asphalt mixing plant

1.The manipulators should observe regularly and inspect carefully, especially for the regular moving parts to see whether they are loose, whether the effect of lubrication is good, whether the movement is flexible and whether there is abnormal wear.
2.When the mixing plant is working, the manipulators should listen and think attentively and try to distinguish every sound. If the sound is abnormal, the manipulators should deal with it appropriately.
3.The manipulators should be good at distinguishing all kinds of smell. The machine may give off special smell due to some failures, for example: the overrun of discharging temperature, the overheating caused by abnormal friction. By these different smell, the manipulators should be able to foresee some failures.
All in all, the manipulators should observe carefully. Through all kinds of feelings and different instruments, the manipulator should find out every abnormal change , analyze carefully and find the hidden danger. The structure of the asphalt mixing plant is very complicated, and there are various parts which are involved in electrical control system, asphalt supply system, burning system, measuring system, dust removal system, etc. So it is difficult for the manipulators who want to be proficient in judging and eliminating the failure of all parts in the short time. Therefore, if you want to be an excellent manipulator, you should observe carefully, think deeply, summarize earnestly and accumulate experience constantly.


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