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How to Better Manage the Asphalt Mixing Plant during Its Running Time

When the asphalt mixing plant is in the state of continuous operation, we must observe the running status of equipment and the quality of mixture produced by it constantly. The followings are some inspection which must be done.
1.Observe whether the change of ammeter pointer and the operation of each device are normal.
2.Observe the status of aggregate supply and whether there is abnormal noise.
3.Observe whether the measurement is correct, how about the heating temperature of aggregate and asphalt, whether there is the phenomenon of uneven mixing, and whether the ingredients value is correct.

asphalt mixing plant

 According to the machine structure, the asphalt mixing plant should be managed respectively in the process of operation.
1. Check whether the supply of aggregate supply is very smooth, whether the quantity is appropriate and whether there is a deformation of belt conveyor.
2. Check whether the rollers of drier and burner dryer rollers are overloaded and whether the pressure of the diesel and the preheating of the heater is normal.
3. Check whether there is collision sound in the bucket of hot material elevator and whether the spring tension of adjusting bolt of aggregate bucket chain is too big.
4. Check whether there is abnormal noise from screw conveyor.

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