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LB100 Stationary Asphalt drum mix Plant
  • Total power:272.92kw
  • Rated drying capacity:100T/H
  • Mixer volume:1300kg
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Technical Parameters
LB100 stationary asphalt mixing plant  
Rated capacity 100T/H Standard condition
Total power 272.92kw Standard configuration
Cold aggregate kinds 4  
Rated drying capacity 100T/H 5% moisture
Mixing cycle 45S  
Mixer volume 1300kg  
vibration screen single axle circle vibrating screen Four-deck
Fuel consumption ≤6.5kg/t finished product  
Fuel type Heavy/ Light oil Coal burner is optional
Control mode Manual/ Automatic  
Finished product temperature 140-180°C  
Aggregate weighting precision ±0.5% Dynamic
Mineral weighting precision ±0.5% Dynamic
Bitumen weighting precision ±0.3% Dynamic
Dust control way Bag house dust collector  
Exhaust emission concentration ≤20mg/Nm3  
Finished product bin Bottom placed/side placed Optional

1. Cold aggregate system

Uniform and exact feeding of cold aggregates is necessary for the production of first-rate asphalt mixture.

Our belt feeder equipped with frequency control which could change speed according to the capacity and ratio.

2. Drying system

1. The dryer drum adopts high quality thermal insulation external material and covers with stainless steel which ensures the insulation performance. And the whole design is neat and clear.

2. The inner aggregate blade adopts boiler steel plate which is connected with bolts, with long service life and easy maintenance.

3. Four wheel drive system could work smoother with low noise.

4. Roller, roller shaft are all made of steel alloy which could help the thermal expansion of the cylinder force more evenly. This design solved the elastic plate heat cracking problem.

3. Mixing system

1. Features double shaft and double helix, long axis and short arm, shallow structure.

2. The internal liner and vane use high wear-resistant alloy cast steel, with long service life.

3. The discharge door is equipped with electric or thermal oil heating to prevent bonding.

4. Large sliding door structure and quick discharging. 5. Bidirectional spiral blade could mix in three dimensional spaces.

5. Upper and lower separation design for convenient maintenance.

6. Gear forced synchronization. After synchronization, the mixing will begin.

7. High strength and high power coupling double chain.

8.4 mobile supporting feet connected for easy maintenance.

9. Using world famous brand reducer and the failure rate is greatly reduced.

4. Vibrating system

1. The high wear-resisting screen mesh (65 MN) with longer service life and lower maintenance costs.

2. The optimal designed shield can effectively prevent the dust spillover and is more environmentally friendly.

3. Screen using drawer-type structure which makes the replacement fast and convenient.

4. The front shield with roller support makes back and forth motion easily.

5. Weigh bucket system

1. Bitumen pump high pressure spraying makes the distribution of asphalt more evenly.

2. The outside of bitumen tank is equipped with insulation device to prevent heat loss.

3. The tank bottom is equipped with heat conduction oil heating device to prevent the temperature of bitumen falling.

4. Adopting primary coarse measurement and secondary accurate measurement makes the measurement of the bitumen more accurate.

5. The bitumen pipe and pump are both heated by conduction oil.

6. Bitumen supply system

Bitumen tank is heated by the heat conduction oil, which make sure the temperature of the bitumen.

7. Electronic control system

1. PLC (Siemens). Working under professional operating system, it is stable and reliable.

2. With global long-range detection and diagnosis function, it can help solve equipment system failure the first time.

3. With powerful storage and processing capacity, a variety of data can be processed in time and hundreds of gradation storage.

4. With manual compensation and automatic compensation under measurement conditions.

5. Bitumen secondary measurement.

6. With imitation container design, the control room sturdy and durable and easy to transport.

7. The double glazing with heat insulation and noise control, and the whole control room has insulation layer.

8. High power double temperature air conditioning.

9. Professional stylus printer.

10. Solid wood floor.

11. Siemens electrical components.

12. Siemens PLC(with remote detection and diagnosis function).

13. Siemens weighing module.

14. HP printer (stylus printer).

15. HP industrial computer.

16. With simulation operation screen, simple and clear.

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